The Future of Infrastructure


AECOM would like to thank all of the contributors and partners involved with this research.



Michael S. Burke is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at AECOM, the world’s premier infrastructure firm delivering professional services across the project lifecycle – from planning, design and engineering to consulting and construction management. He joined AECOM in 2005 and in 2007, directed the company’s initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), one of the largest engineering industry IPOs of all time. He was appointed CEO in 2014 after serving as President from 2011 to 2014 and Chief Financial Officer from 2006 to 2011.



Lara Poloni is Chief Executive of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at AECOM.  She leads a team of 14,000 professionals working in over 30 countries, serving public and private sector clients across key infrastructure and property sectors including defense, transport, water and energy, as well as all facets of city planning, design and construction. Over a career spanning more than 25 years, Ms Poloni has predominantly worked in the planning, assessment and development of major infrastructure in the transport, energy and telecommunications sectors. She is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Infrastructure.

We would also like to thank:

Nathan Goode, director of the Social Value Portal.



Stephen Engblom is Executive Vice President at AECOM.  He is an architect and urban designer with a global track record of working with public and private sector clients to develop healthy and successful places. As Global Director of AECOM Cities and San Francisco Bay Area Executive, Mr Engblom and his team are dedicated to forward-thinking urban policy and development strategies that underpin world-class infrastructure that enhances the environment, equity, and economy of our cities. He is a San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) Board member and is active in the Urban Land Institute and the American Institute of Architects.

Caitlin MacLean is Senior Director of Innovative Finance at the Milken Institute. She oversees the research, development, execution, and follow-up of the Institute’s Financial Innovations Labs, which promote financial solutions to overcome economic and social challenges. During Ms MacLean’s tenure at the Institute, the labs have resulted in concrete outcomes, including the creation of new investment funds to support biomedical research and the implementation of government policies to facilitate the growth of the renewable energy sector. She is the co-author of many lab reports and related journal articles. 



Shamit Gaiger is Director of Strategic Advisory at AECOM. She has over 20 years’ experience in developing national and sectoral policies and strategies for the UK in areas such as innovation, technology, sustainability, risk sharing, productivity, decision taking, skills and leadership. Most recently, she led the negotiations on the Rail Sector Deal on behalf of HM Government and was personally asked to take specific industry roles and conduct reviews of industry policy. She is a Trustee and Board Member for Campaign for Better Transport and has recently also been invited to join Women in Rail as a Trustee and Board Member.

Sarama Barend is Senior Vice President, North America, and Strategic Development Director for Public-Private Partnerships at AECOM. She has over 20 years of infrastructure policy experience, a decade of which has been focused solely on public-private partnerships. Ms Barend is a national thought leader on public-private partnerships and has developed projects in government and the private sector. In her current role, she provides leadership in AECOM’s PPP work across all business lines. As Founder of the Performance Based Building Coalition (PBBC), Barend has mobilized the infrastructure industry to present a strong, unified voice, urging Congress to incentivize the use of P3s for public buildings. Prior to her position at AECOM, Ms Barend served as Executive Director of the New York State Commission on Asset Maximization.



Claire Bonham-Carter is Principal and Director of Sustainable Development at AECOM.  She has over 18 years’ experience in climate change planning for public and private sector clients in the US and internationally. Ms Bonham-Carter has developed sustainability strategies for urban infill developments in California and abroad, as well as carbon reduction strategies for U.S. cities including Somerville, Seattle, Baltimore and multiple cities in California. She also specializes in climate vulnerability, risk assessments and adaptation plans with projects in Texas, California, Florida and beyond. Bonham-Carter led AECOM’s work for 100 Resilient Cities on over 30 cities within the network. She is passionate about helping communities improve their resilience while reducing their carbon footprint.

Robert Spencer is Director Sustainable Development at AECOM.  He advises and supports AECOM’s major infrastructure clients in the UK and Ireland with meeting their sustainable development and decarbonization ambitions. Mr Spencer is a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and a member of the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) Advisory Board. He also chairs the EIC Natural Capital Task Force. Robert founded and chairs the Major Infrastructure Resource Optimization Group (est. 2013) and the Scottish Infrastructure Circular Economy Forum (est. 2017). He is also a member of the UK Infrastructure Operators Adaptation Forum (IOAF).

We would also like to thank:

Michael Doust, Programme Director, Measurement and Planning at C40.



Sylvester Wong is Vice President, Strategies and Development, Buildings + Places, at AECOM Asia. With over twenty years' experience, Mr Wong is a veteran in multidisciplinary urban and regional planning across Asia Pacific, South Asia, and the Middle East. He focuses on the development of sustainable towns, economies, and integrated infrastructure toward nation-building. He is currently based in Manila.

Scott Dunn is Vice President, Strategy & Growth, at AECOM Southeast Asia. He is an urban planner and city integrator who leads cross-functional inter-disciplinary teams in providing integrated services and sustainable solutions for large, complex and multidisciplinary projects across Asia, among them high-density masterplans for new towns and regeneration of existing urban landscapes that have drawn on resilient and smart themes.  For APAC region Mr Dunn also leads the River Restoration and Integrated Coastal Management Practice Initiative delivering integrated watershed solutions across our water infrastructure business. He also is part of the Urban Land Institute as a Global Governing Trustee, and an Advisory Board member for the ULI Center for Sustainability and Economic Performance.

We would also like to thank:

Khoo Teng Chye, Executive Director at the Centre for Liveable Cities.

Mark Wild, CEO of Crossrail.



Orla Pease is Vice President for Digital & Innovation at AECOM. She is a passionate leader with 20 years of experience in management, planning, engineering design and analysis. At AECOM, Ms Pease is responsible for building a culture of innovation that includes the early adoption of digital and innovative solutions, scaling those innovations across the business and reinforcing AECOM as an innovative leader in the world of infrastructure.  As the lead for Digital Transformation for AECOM’s Americas business, she is responsible for growing the Digital Project Delivery and Data Science team, collaborating with data partners and developing new offerings through the use of data and AI/ML.  

Colette Munro is Chief Digital Innovation Officer at AECOM APAC. She has over 20 years’ experience in digital transformation across the Infrastructure, Energy and Mining sectors. Mrs Munro has held several executive committee and Leadership team roles over the last 15 years within publicly listed companies. Her leadership spans from business unit to corporate strategy and innovation. At AECOM, Munro leads digital transformation across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region as part of the senior leadership team. Munro is also a member of the Commonwealth Economic Development Association advisory board for Queensland.



Rachael Casson is Director of International PFAS Program at AECOM. She is an internationally renowned PFAS authority with over 22 years of consulting experience in contamination assessment and management. In 2008, Ms Casson recognized the emerging concern over PFAS with aviation and defense clients, positioning the AECOM team at the leading edge of the PFAS science. Since then, Casson has worked on over a hundred PFAS-related projects across the globe.  


We would also like to thank Todd Battley, Australia New Zealand Chief Executive; Andrew Bui, Vice President, Transportation Innovation Lead; David Cheshire, Regional Sustainability Director; James Colclough, Civil Infrastructure Digital Project Delivery Lead; Andy Gibson, Asset Management Lead, Water; Tim O’Loan, Director Cities Australia and New Zealand; Craig Riley, North American Director, Sustainability Services; Cameron Salisbury, Acoustic Consultant; Jonathan Short, Associate, FCERM Economic Appraisal Specialist; Ian Small, Innovation Champion; Terry Wong, CEO Australian Business, MTR Corporation Limited; and Mary Zsamboky, Technical Director for their contributions to this report.

This report was produced by AECOM’s Strategic Marketing Team: Harriett Hindmarsh, Deborah Harris, Emma Vandore, Catherine Whyte, Stefania Farrugia, Gareth Tissington, Simon Reynolds, Matt Timmins and Kelly Sharman.

We would also like thank our other team members that made this year's report possible: Sammy Altman, Melissa Catelli, Juliet Chu, Priyanka Dave, Emily Dearman, Kirsty Douglas, Kate Dunton, Liz Earwaker, Kortney Easterly, Anne Edelson, Lorraine Floyd, Steve Getzug, Melissa Hunter, Isabelle Kelly, Megan Gilbert, Shannon Hurley, Ruth Kennedy-Mountjoy, Silvia Legler, Jennifer O’Herron, Rebecca Lam, James Maclachlan, Jason Marshall, Tina Marshall, Nina Patel, Michael Posso, Brendan Ranson-Walsh, Eliot Rebensdorf, Heather Rim, Aman Sandhu, Jeff Siang, Johnny Sollitt-Davis, Pragya Upadhyay, Mervin Wang,  Louis Webb Bird and Ruth Zorko.



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