The Central-Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link

The Future of Infrastructure

The Central-Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link (CWB) is a strategic highway along the north shore of Hong Kong Island, targeted to alleviate traffic congestion along the existing major roads. It will shorten journey time from Central to Island Eastern Corridor at North Point from half an hour to just five minutes, and will improve air quality by diverting traffic to the underground.

The 4.5-kilometres long dual 3-lane highway boasts a 3.7-kilometres long tunnel constructed by cut-and-cover and mined tunnel methods. Tunnelling for the dual three-lane carriageways is an incredible feat of engineering — a section of the tunnel, with a wide span of 50 metres (m), took place just 20m below the southern approach ramp of the Cross Harbour Tunnel (CHT), a vital element of Hong Kong’s traffic system, and was achieved without disruption to the 120,000 vehicles that pass through the tunnel every day, resulting in the deployment of the mined tunnelling method for tunnel construction to minimize risks to the CHT.

Special features of CWB include the Air Purification System, which has been set up to boost air quality, and purge smoke from the tunnel in the event of a fire. A powerful construction modelling and control plan is another special feature to reduce risks and delays.

AECOM provided engineering, programme and construction management services for this HK$36 billion project.

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