Al Kharj Road Sewage Treatment Plant, Riyadh

The Future of Infrastructure

With the aim of increasing Riyadh’s capacity for wastewater purification as well as generating electrical and thermal energy, AECOM supervised the design-build of a tertiary sewage treatment plant on Al Kharj Road.

The project included facilities to treat 200,000 cubic meters per day of waste, sludge digestion as well as biogas treatment and production. Through the application of modern technology the plant is treating the wastewater to a high degree of purification to guarantee its reuse as service water on the near-by industrial park. Further the processes are producing energy to cover more than 50 percent of the plant’s power demands. Fertilizer is produced as a by-product of the activity. These activities are conserving the limited local water supply whilst also saving cost.

The construction was completed in 2016. AECOM provided operation and maintenance services for 12 months thereafter.