King Abdallah bridge, king abdullah financial district, riyadh

The Future of Infrastructure

Designed to become the Middle East’s largest financial center, the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) is providing a new financial center for Riyadh and is supporting the goals of Vision 2030 to diversify Saudi’s economy away from oil. Covering 1.6 million square meters, KAFD is the intended home of the Saudi Capital Market Authority, Saudi Stock Exchange and numerous financial institutions.

Within the development, there are a number of minor roads, one of which crosses a dried wadi. For this crossing, the developer opted for a landmark structure, taking the form of a striking cable-supported arch with the arch rib crossing diagonally above the carriageways.

AECOM’s long-span and specialty bridge group undertook the design of this landmark bridge, from concept to detailed design.

In developing the concept design, aesthetics was among the most important attributes of the structure. Consideration was given to interfaces between the bridge and the adjacent development, as well as a service tunnel that needed to be incorporated into the foundations of the arch. The design team worked closely with the architect, providing detailed renderings of different forms for the bridge.

AECOM conducted these works in addition to designing road interchanges, underpasses, service tunnels, stormwater drainage and pumping stations.